Monday, November 05, 2007

Verdict's In: We're All A Bunch Of Homers

The poll results are closed, and the overwhelming winner for the most resent poll question of "How will the Revs finish the season?" was "MLS Cup Champions".

I guess if you look at it from a realistic perspective, the poll's actually a lot closer to 50/50 in regards to positive/negative. A lot of you probably figured the Eastern Conference final would have been held in DC, so that was the easier choice of exit at the time. Still, the poll was more positive than I expected. Good on ya Revs fan!

Personally, I had them out in the first round. My rational was sound. The Revs are as good as anyone they play. They just aren't significantly better than anyone. With the current status of professional sports in New England, something had to give at some point. Well it hasn't occured yet. Just look at what happened with the Pats and the Celts on Sunday. The B's are irrelevant and in case you are outside of New England, at least a third of the region hates BC for one reason or another. About another third may favor them in football, but hate them in hoops and hockey. In other words, the sports gods who supposed to even things up, and are apparently asleep at the switch, don't count BC sports in their karmic calculations.

So, the clock's going to strike midnight on our sports teams at some point. I just thought it was going to happen on Saturday night during Hurricane Noel.

Getting back to DC, the new poll question asks which team has been the biggest chokers since the end of 2004: DC or the Revs? Now, there's a few things to consider (yeah, I realize this post will be buried in a few days):

This will be mostly from an American sports view of choking. Such choking involves either losing in an important playoff or championship when you are favored or blowing a lead in such an important game. I realize there may be a paradigm shift going on in regards to the Supporters Shield, but get real. The vast majority of people consider MLS Cup the only true championship.

To me, it's a tossup at this point in time and that's why it's the poll question. DC has gone in to every playoff they've lost in that time as the favorite. The last two years, they had the league's best record. The Revs have lost the last two MLS Cups, once as a favorite and once blowing an overtime lead in 71 seconds. Then again, the Revs did bounce DC on their home field last year. They also lifted a minor cup tournament trophy this year, though that's probably irrelevant to this discussion.

This poll will close in a week, so if you want to wait for Thursday's game, I can understand. I'm curious to see any comments on this topic