Saturday, November 03, 2007

Soccer Bloggers: Get With Blogrush

Blogrush is a free traffic generating network. It works by installing a small widget in your blog's sidebar which displays four other blogs in the network. I subscribed to it a little over a week ago when I read an article on Widgets Lab which stated how it cleansed over 10,000 blogs which didn't comply with it's terms of service. That earned my temporary trust, so I decided to give it a shot.
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I have been pleasantly surprised with the widget thus far. The biggest thing that impresses me is how quickly it loads. I've tried various widgets since this blog's inception and I've had to scrap most of them because they've killed load times. That's clearly not the case. They also rolled out a fantastic statistics page which shows you how many times one of your specific articles was syndicated and how many times it was clicked. There's other stats such as credits (mostly accumulated through page loads) and bonus credits, but the syndication stats is the most useful.

Up until now, my widget has been in the "sports" category. That's why I keep it so far down the page in my blog. It just doesn't fit my soccer orientated blog. I've used it to find a ton of good blogs from other sports (and a few soccer blogs), but I doubt very highly the visitors we've been getting have even noticed it. Hopefully, this changes today as "soccer" is now one of the categories.

This is where I need you, the soccer blogger to get in on the action. If enough soccer bloggers get in the network, it would expose our articles to a broader audience of real soccer fans around the world. If I notice that the articles being loaded into my widget are 100% soccer, and not overflow from the abundance of MMA blogs out there, I will move the widget to either first or second position in one of my sidebars.

That last part is important. For this to really work, we must place the widget in as good a spot possible. If not, you'll see 1000's of syndications on your stat sheet with no reads. There's also an embarrassing "cold" in your article's hype meter on your personal Blogrush page. You don't want that.

Oh, and this is by no means a replacement for the SoccerBlogs site. The widget's display is fairly random and is only a small sample of what's on that great aggregater site. If you have a soccer blog and aren't on that site, get on it ASAP.

So, please check out Blogrush by clicking on the link below or clicking on the link at the bottom of my widget. Be sure to watch the video showing off the newest features. With enough soccer bloggers getting onboard, we'll all benefit.


Derek Anderson said...

First, thank you for linking to WidgetsLab. I try to deliver useful information about widgets.

Second, You may need to move the widget up in the page (when I read about where you had the widget I went and looked and didn't get to finish reading before I wanted to comment) One of the reasons some blogs were deleted from the Blog Rush program was because of their placing the widget low on the page. It was deemed that this was one of the factors for poor performance for the initial 'Rush'.
I just wanted to inform you.

Again, thank you


Jimmy Chowda said...

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind about BlogRush.

Derek Anderson said...

I might have found a soccer related widget of interest to you.

the widget is/was located on the left hand side and is viral so you can grab a copy without too much trouble

Jimmy Chowda said...

Yeah, the Revs have their own specific vortex, but it was killing the blog's load time. I wrote about in October when I came back.

Maybe when I make the inevitable move to Wordpress, I'll have it in lieu of all the news rss feeds.

Thanks for looking out, though!