Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Revsblogger's Expansion Draft Rant

Well, the list is out, thanks to Goff over at The Washington Post:

Byrne, Bryan
Dorman, Andy
Flood, Gary
Franchino, Joe
Gonzalez, Miguel
Helton, Kyle
John, Avery
Knighton, Brad
Leonard, Marshall
Loftus, Chris
Mansally, Abdoulie
Nyassi, Sainey
Riley, James
Sims, Willie
Warren, Doug

Reis, Matt
Heaps, Jay
Parkhurst, Michael
Thompson, Wells
Larentowicz, Jeff
Joseph, Shalrie
Smith, Khano
Ralston, Steve
Noonan, Pat
Twellman, Taylor
Cristman, Adam

This is about what I expected. I was slightly worried that Wells hadn't done enough during the year to get himself protected, but he went and did just that. Good job to all of our protected guys.

A name I was slightly surprised to see on the list, although he didn't perform great, was Andy Dorman. He is going to go. Period. He may not have worked out for the Revs, but at the very least San Jose will need a quality center mid, and that is what Andy provides. I fully expect to see him go in the draft.

Note to FO: fight to keep Gary Flood. The guy is pure gold, and while he is still unproven he can and probably will prove to be a good, long-term quality center defensive mid like Shalrie and Jeff before him.

Another note to FO: Jose Cancela is unprotected. Anyone smell a bit like nostalgia?