Saturday, June 09, 2007

20 People Who Rocked The Fort

20 People Who Rocked The Fort: The Twenty Most Influential People In New England Revolution History

The Blue Blooded Journo blog is pleased to announce a contest to determine the twenty most influential people in New England Revolution franchise history.

Somewhat borrowing the name and spirit of a similar undertaking by Liverpool fans last year, this will be 100% fan determined. The voting will take place by email and the results will be released in a similar fashion as the Top 100 Red Sox Project. In other words, there will be a few articles every week featuring each of the people chosen starting with #20 until the entire list is revealed.

The rules are simple. Send in a list of your top ten followed by a list of up to ten people (in no particular order) who you feel deserve honorable mention. The scoring will be as follows:

1. 35 pts
2. 25 pts
3. 20 pts
4. 15 pts
5. 12 pts
6. 10 pts
7. 8 pts
8. 7 pts
9. 6 pts
10. 5 pts

Honorable Mentions: 1 pts

This will make the order or your top ten list extremely important, so choose wisely.

The list will obviously be player dominated. However, coaches, front office personnel, press/media types, etc... are all fair game if you feel they are responsible for making the franchise what it is today. Voting commences immediately and will end on Sunday, June 24.

All Revolution fans of all shapes, sizes, and experience are invited to participate. Also, if you are just a fan of MLS and feel you have enough of a grasp on Revolution history, by all means cast your vote. Please limit one vote per person.

If you want to add comments to your list, feel free to do so. There's a good chance those comments will be included in their profile if that person made the list.

Send your votes to

But wait, there's more! The person whose top ten most closely resembles the actual top 10 will receive a free t-shirt of their choosing from the soon to be reopened Blue Blooded Journo supporter t-shirt shop. Tie breakers will be determined by honorable mentions on the list. You don't need to send in your contact info with your list. I'll contact the winner when the results are tabulated.

So get your votes in. This is a great way to honor those who have given us, the fans, so much to cheer (and cry) about over the 11+ years of Revolution soccer.


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dan said...

1. Robert Kraft 35 pts
2. Taylor Twellman 25 pts
3. Steve Nicol 20 pts
4. Jay Heaps 15 pts
5. Steve Ralston 12 pts
6. Walter Zenga 10 pts
7. Ted Chronopolous 8 pts
8. Matt Reis 7 pts
9. Clint Dempsey 6 pts
10. Joe Max Moore 5 pts

Honorable Mentions:
Sharlie Joseph
Mike Burns
Parkhurst (give him a couple of more years and he'll be up there)