Thursday, November 08, 2007

On To The Finals!

I guess we deserved it a little more than Chicago. One gleaming shot in an otherwise empty scrum. A boring, stereotypically incompetent MLS game overtaken by one glorious goal by the likely hero, Taylor Twellman.

It has to be pointed out: four straight years. Four straight years where the Fire have met their demise. Four straight years that the Fire have ended their season by losing to the Revs at Gillette Stadium. Man, they must hate us.

Especially the twenty or so people who represted Section 8. Hey, next time you belittle our fanbase, send more than 22 people to represent you. Then again, RBNY said there would be over a hundred when they sent about sixty. I should have known better.

I guess this is the alcohol talking, but who cares? The Revs have a birth in the championship game and have two extra days to prepare for it. The Fort was hopping and the team took it home.

I need to sleep before some important meetings tomorrow. To the Midnight Riders, to Rev Army, to my boy Rob from New Hampshire, to the people who hooked me up right before game time, to Fran who was erroneously ejected, to the people who splurged for category 1 (Category 2 and 3 were sparse tonight), to everyone who doubted this team:


Much more in the lead up to MLS Cup!