Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Manatee Season

It didn't take long for clueless Red Bull to sack Bruce Arena. Good new for the Revs as their rivals from New York will begin fresh yet again next year, stifling any chance of building a solid foundation. Sure, Bruce did a lot more sweating from his folds than coaching, but his replacement will be their fourth manager since Bob Bradley was erroneously sacked by Alexi Lalas just over two years ago.

Frankie Yallop has left LA Galaxy for re-expansion side San Jose Earthquakes, so there's speculation Arena would go there. That would be funny if it happened, but only expect that if LA can't nail down a high profile coach. I wouldn't hold you breath.

As a Revs fan, I can't help but feel responsible as my team most likely cost chubby his job. Responsibility is a good characteristic.

In other news, Micheal Parkhurst won MLS Defender of the Year. I didn't see that coming. Congratulations to Mike! I just hope this doesn't put too much of a spotlight on him from foreign clubs at a time he needs to concentrate on finishing out the playoffs. Coach Steve Nicol said it would take a lot of money for a team to swoop in and take Parkhurst away. We may see just how much money that is during the off season. My guess: over $3 million. Former MLS players are proving themselves all the time overseas. Parky's also extremely valuable to the Revs. I'm not sure a team would pay that much for him, but New England considers him way too valuable to let go without a major financial benefit. We'll just have to wait and see.