Sunday, November 11, 2007

MLS Cup Week: Blogging Our Arses Off

The Blue Blooded Journo Blog is committed to ramp up coverage in order to provide the reader one of the best resources for the upcoming MLS Cup Final in a week's time. The usual opinion will be offered up by myself, Jimmy Chowda, as well as some of the past contributors. Links will be provided to all things MLS Cup, especially from the blogosphere, or as they call it over at, the "Soccersphere". I like that name. I wonder if it's copyrighted?

Speaking of links, I'll be using the increased coverage to try out a number of formats and ideas for next season. I have a number of people who want to contribute, but we have to get organized and develop a system before this thing is taken to the next level.

In case you were wondering what will happen to this blog during the off season, there's big plans in the works. The "20 People Who Rocked The Fort" contest will relaunch, as well as a potentially hilarious series I won't announce yet. If you want to cover a team no one's ever heard of, playing in a country most US Americans can't find on a map, Blue Blooded Journo is willing to adopt one or two teams during in the off season in a tongue and cheek manner. There's also the potential move to wordpress to provide a cleaner presentation and a fan resource/database. Stay tuned.

So, I hope you enjoy MLS Cup week at the Blue Blooded Journo Blog, and continue to visit during the off season.