Sunday, November 04, 2007

1-0 Is Still 1-0!

Just got back from Gillette. The Revs earned their place in the Eastern Conference final on Thursday. The goal was freaky, but I'll take it. Red Bull didn't look dangerous at all. I guess the Revs won the series by finishing one of their two or three chances they had. New York didn't and that was the difference. I would love to see the play that knocked out Angel. I sure hope Joseph isn't suspended as a result. I missed what happened, but since he wasn't carded, he's vulnerable to a punishment after the fact. Go MLS!

I'm exhausted, yet wired at the same time. There will be a more informative recap within the next day or so.

See everyone on Thursday!


Anonymous said...

no way joseph faces any punishment for the play. it was inadvertent and unlucky, nothing more.

Jimmy Chowda said...

Yeah, I just watched the replay. His head accidentally hit Heaps' knee. Joseph wasn't even in the play.