Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Revolinks - 11/13

So, the Seattle expansion's a done deal and Drew Carey's one of the owners. They should do a Seattle coffe snob version of The Price Is Right. Everyone in the audience can boo until "A NEW CAR!!!!" is confirmed to be a hybrid. Seattle will play at Qwest Field for at least a few seasons. On the bad side, it's a huge NFL stadium with fieldturf. On the good side, the partial roof is much better at trapping noise than stadiums like Gillette and Giant. Hopefully, they can add another team with them in 2009 so they don't have to drop back to 30 games again due to an odd number of teams. Here's the links:

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Clown Of The Day

Today's CLOD goes to whoever decided to kickoff MLS Cup a little after 12:00 on Sunday. Except for games in Toronto, were there any games played that early this year? I know they are trying to get the jump on NFL games, but it's going to be a bit embarrassing getting smashed in the ratings by the three main NFL pregame shows. It would suck to be waking up in the league's newest city, Seattle, and tuning in at 11:00 only to realize the game is almost over. Does heroine from the night before even wear off by then? They really need to move the game to Saturday night in the future.


The Manly Ferry said...

I just learned when the final will kick off. I don't think I'll recover in time for Sunday.

Why? Why does MLS hate whiskey?

Jimmy Chowda said...

Sorry if I usurped my Portland hippie stereotype and used it for Seattle. I think Washingtonians are bigger coffee snobs than you guys, though.