Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Should Jaqua Be Suspended?


That's my answer at least. Even as I watched the game, I thought the foul was borderline red. In other words, not something which would warrant an ejection during an important playoff game. However, that hasn't stopped others from insinuating differently, and there appears to be a disciplinary meeting on Thursday to review the play.

Here's a video of the foul (1:27):

The replay looked bad from that angle, but it was a bang-bang play and I highly doubt Jaqua wanted to hurt Jack Jewsbury. It looks to me like the contact was initiated first, and then Jaqua followed through. Then again, I'm not a referee and I never want to be one. I just don't want to have reverse lasik and spine removal surgery.

Others have sounded off on this topic. Today's version of "In The Net" covered it extensively with host Brad Feldman and guests Greg Lalas, Glenn Davis, and more offering their opinions on the subject. Check here for the podcast. There should also be a link to it in the right sidebar on this blog.