Saturday, November 17, 2007

Revolinks - 11/17

As I watch the US National Team play in Johannesburg, I can't help but think of the irony in the LA Galaxy's latest uniform change. South Africa's kits are in the same color scheme as LA's old ones. Alexi Lalas wanted a more "worldly" look to his club, so he went with what Real Madrid would be wearing in 07-08. Correct me if wrong, but wasn't the musical mega-gathering which recorded "We Are The World" called "USA For Africa"? It doesn't get more worldly than that. But hey, every team in the entire sporting world will eventually convert to red or blue because that's what focus groups usually come up with as their favorite colors.

As for the MLS Cup, both teams look ready. Ching may still get a late run out, but I highly doubt it. Jaqua wasn't suspended, nor were they going to suspend anyone the Thursday before a championship game.

This will be one of the last "Revolinks" before the preseason camp gets underweigh. I highly doubt it will be a daily feature next season due to the time it takes up, but I'll try to make sure it's there 3-4 times a week.

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Clown of the Day

Today's CLOD goes to KOMO in Seattle for preempting MLS Cup tomorrow morning to meet FCC regulations. If every other station in the country found a way to show the game, why can't you? I'm sure covering that mentally ill mom who dropped her baby while using it as a human shield against military shipments qualifies as children's programming (seriously, why was that baby eating beef jerky?). Oh wait, you didn't cover that. Showing crackpots like that might diminish your political agenda. Speaking of which, I wonder who George Stephanopoulos has on his show during that time? I'm guessing it won't be Barney the Dinosaur. With an expansion side announced just this week, you would figure something would be arranged to air the showcase game for the league coming to town in 2009. Nah.