Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shalrie Joseph May Refuse To Play

That's right. According to the Soccer New England, Shalrie Joseph may consider sitting games out until he either gets the contract he and his agent are demanding or he is traded:

The figure offered by New England, continued Waxman, fell $10,000 under Joseph’s wage demands and that, coupled with further disagreement over potential bonuses, led to Joseph requesting a trade in March. Almost one month later, and with no sign that a solution to the dispute is imminent, Joseph admits he is facing a difficult decision about whether to play or not:

“It’s really hard; I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that point at all but they leave no other choice and I have just got to do what it best for me at this point in time.”

Well Shalrie, take a look at how well the Krafts respond to this tactic from players on their NFL side. The owners have no problem with players holding out if they feel their demands are too high.

Now, Kraft & Son probably aren't too hands on in these deals. That aspect appears to be the job of Mike Burns and Sunil Gulati. The problem with Joseph is the league owns all player contracts. A trade wouldn't guarantee him a raise. Coach Steve Nicol, who has most of the say in acquiring and letting go players, has said he won't trade him.

So Joseph and the Revs are at an impasse. The team says they are still working on the contract negotiations. Joseph and his agent says they made a final offer. Well, which one is it? This situation was just upgraded from tricky to messy and has the potential to screw with team chemistry. Not good.

In other news, Frank Dell'Apa is under the impression the Revs are shopping around for international talent. I'll believe that when I see it.