Friday, April 06, 2007

MLS Anthem

Announced as part of their "Game First" initiative, MLS promised there would be an MLS anthem played before each game with the players lined up like they do in the EPL. National anthems are usually sung before the players even come onto the field at Gillette. In fact, this process will probably eliminate the Revs players being announced and running out onto the field to whatever stadium rock song they deem chic. Teams will now line up in the tunnel and walk out in line, probably with the kiddies walking alongside. Not a horrible idea, but I found it funny how they put this in the same press release as Superliga and playoff qualification guidelines.

Here's the article and a sample

One thing I would love to see done, is someone come up with a techno version of the song to be played during highlight shows on FSC or ESPN. They have that for the EPL anthem and it's pretty catchy.