Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heaps Gets Concussion, Herron Gets Vacation

Andy Herron received his punishment for giving Jay Heaps an intentional elbow in the game last week. He will be suspended for 4 regular season games and was fined $3000. For our UK readers, that's almost 2% of his salary so it's no chump change.

The fine was pretty much what I expected. I had figured 2 or 3 games before it was announced that Heaps played a concussion the entire second half as a result of the incident:

As you can see, it was a pretty harsh foul and quite intentional. Heaps was playing a very physical game for most of the first half. He had taken the ball away from Herron minutes earlier with a hard slide tackle, so it was pretty clear Andy was retaliating. Heaps was also marking him closely and I guess he had enough. Oh, and way to tell Heaps after the game that you didn't mean it.

Shalrie Joseph received a $500 fine for "disrespecting the game" by shoving Herron in the face shortly after. I'm glad someone stood up like that. Given his contract situation, it's nice to see Shalrie standing up for his teammate like that.

I do feel bad for the Chicago Fire organization, though. This whole incident just reinforces the stereotype that everyone who has ever played for Chicago is a waste of sperm. Way to set your people back another ten years, Andy.