Sunday, April 01, 2007

Relaunch/Cross-Country Odyssey

Just in time for the 2007 season, Blue Blooded Journo is back from the dead. Where have I been? Well, I had an invite to join an old friend of mine in Vegas for the NASCAR race a few weeks back. Since I was driving, I decided to get in touch with some old navy buddies along the route and see if they wanted to get together and catch up on old times. Well, that steamrolled into a cross-country trek that took me to Pittsburg, Oregon, LA, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Alabama, and I'm spending the current week in Orlando.

As a result, I haven't been able to share my views on the Revs' preseason. It has been quite eventful by Revolution standards: Joseph's trade demand, Cristman's goal scoring, Joey's leave of absence, captain's carosel, etc... My merchandise whoring endeavor has also been dormant.

Well, fear not. I'm back on this blog. I plan on doing a quick preview and recap of each game which will be heavy on the editorial side. I also plan on giving my own unique preview of the team's 2007 season in the coming days.

Other than that, Rangers are pretty much a lock for second in the SPL and Manchester United are a virtual lock for the EPL, FA Cup final at Wembley, and have a shot at the European Cup if they can avoid another injury in their backline. Once again, sorry for the absence and stand by for some quick shot posts....