Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's Football Day!

Well, I didn't get up early enough to watch the Chinese league, but I did catch the second half of a Russian league match. Here's a quick rundown of what's going on in my football world this fine Saturday morning:

* Watched Zenit St. Petersburg hand Dinamo Moscow their asses. The crowd packed about a 30,000 seat stadium. The St. Pete ultras were amazing. Remember those songs with the deep pitch that used to be the soundtrack of everything communist during the 80's? That's what they sounded like. They could have been singing the Russian version of "The Greasy Chip Butty Song", but it still frightened me a bit.

* Hammarby will be playing at around 10:00 local time on P2P if anyone wants to see if local native, and BC alum, Charlie Davies gets a run out. Remember, he would have been the #1 pick in the MLS draft if they met his pay demands and he could have played for the Revs. There's a better chance of me pulling the universal lever for the Green Party on election day than MLS meeting those demands.

* Man U would be in trouble if they were playing any other Prem team in he FA Cup semis today. They are coming off their most glorious moment since 1999. Heck, that victory was right is so many ways it isn't funny. Neither is wearing a shirt advertising the stabbings you plan on committing while wielding a knife out of Old Trafford like the Roma fans did. Then again, I did get a chuckle watching the looks on the Roma Ultras' faces.

* For full disclosure, my footie allegiance hierarchy goes something like this: Revolution >>> Rangers >> Manchester United >>>>> everyone else >>>>>>>>>>>>> Chicago Fire. Translation for New Englanders: The Revs are wicked awesome, Gers are wicked pissah, Man U are wicked good, the Fiyah rot.

* I just got added to Check it out. It's a good resource.

* I guess I have to respond to a reaction piece to my Shep Messing take this week from Injury Time. I say "I guess" because it wasn't anything more than a fanboy reaction. The only attempt at basing his/her response on any intellectual merit was in reference to the color commentator from the movie "Major League". Well, the whole joke behind that guy was he didn't have anything to say. Shep Messing has way too much to say, and it usually has nothing to do with the action currently taking place on the field. Once again, I dig Shep Messing's commentary, just not during the game. When MLS studio analysts become as important as they are in other sports, Shep should ply his trade there. I would respond to his/her cracks if they weren't so weak. Don't worry, they'll get their just smack the week before a Revs-Vodka Chaser match.

* I'm genuinely pumped for the Revs match tonight. Last week, I was a little nervous starting off against such a heated rival. However, we started so many rookies which took some of the edge off.

* I wonder why this old photo in that story only appear on the league's website after Joseph started demanding more money? Nevermind, answered my own question.

That's all for now. Get the drinks in and COME ON YOU REVS!