Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Joseph And Smith May Miss Home Opener

Both gaffer Steve Nicol and his assistant, Paul Mariner, made recent comments in the media saying two of the team's first choice midfielders might not be ready for Saturday. Nicol's comments appeared in Soccer New England:

Finishing drills were a feature of Tuesday’s training session, which saw a return to action of two absentees from last weekend: Shalrie Joseph and Khano Smith. Nicol said that he hoped that both men would be available for selection against Toronto on Saturday, though much would depend on ‘what happens during the rest of the week’.

Mariner's comments occured on yesterday's edition of "In The Net" (There's a link to the podcast in the right sidebar of this blog). He alluded they were leaning towards sitting the duo due to the nature of their injuries (muscular) and the cold weather forecast for the game.

If Khano Smith can't start at left midfield, the Revs will miss that "X factor" he brings with his quick movements and the ability to make up ground quickly with his long strides. That can be overcome. I'm guessing Wells Thompson would get the nod again in the wake of his modestly impressive debut.

If Shalrie Joseph is out, that effects the entire form of the team. Guys like Dorman and Ralston have to provide much more coverage on the defensive end which effects the team's attack in an adverse fashion. The Revs really don't have anyone to replace him. If Gary Flood starts, expect Toronto's attack to have a field day with New England's defense in the middle of the field.

Not the way Revolution fans expected the season to start.