Saturday, April 14, 2007

Revs-Toronto Halftime Impressions

Well, the Revs came out gunning in the home opener. Taylor Twellman scored two goals inside of twenty minutes and should have had a hat trick.

* Cristman is doing well in Noonan's place. He assisted on the first goal and has looked competent.

* I'm glad Noonan is taking most of the game off so he can be fit for Thursday.

* Revs are dominating in the midfield. Larentowicz is a great holding mid when he has Joseph there to support him.

* Toronto has looked bad. Playoff spots may come down to the eastern teams playing them one additional time.

* Kenny Smith looks a million times better than when he came offof his long injury layoff last year.

* It's cool so many Canadians made the trip. However, most of them have mullets. Way to set your people back a decade Gord, Fritz, and Pierre.

We aren't out of the woodwork yet. Toronto has ha a few chances. They find their luck and we could be in trouble. More after the game.