Sunday, April 01, 2007

Adam Cristman Superstar?

One of the few pleasant surprises during the preseason has been the ability of Revs rookie Adam Cristman to find the back of the net for both club and country. His remarkable form has yeilded a least a goal in each of his outings with the Revs and a few goals for Bob Bradley's US U-23 side. Not too shabby for someone the Revs picked up late in the fourth round on draft day. What makes this even sweeter is the fact the team traded Kyle Brown in order to pick him up.

So is he for real? I have no freakin clue. The Revs have been playing inferior competition. That's what you do in order to gain form as a unit the months before the season kicks off. Lee Martin performed well in preseason friendlies for Man U last summer, but he's a long ways away from even making their bench (currently on loan). However, Cristman had to prove that he belongs on an MLS pitch. I believe he has gone a long way in doing just that.

With Pat Noonan suffering from nagging injuries, Cristman is our likely starting forward alongside Taylor Twellman in Chicago next week for the opener. That'll be his first true test. If Noonan had been healthy, he could have settled in with the large group of freshmen comprising quite an intriguing reserve side. This is the first year I'm actually excited to go watch the reserves play, and Cristman is one of the reasons. Who knows, maybe he is the real deal and I'll never see him take the reserve pitch? Just in case, let me offer up some Adam Cristman songs:

I saw three shots go sailing in
On Cristman's day, On Cristman's day
I saw three shots go sailing in
On Cristman's day in the morning

Adam Crist(man)! Superstar!
Do you think you are what they say you are?

It's Cristman's time in Hollis, Queens
Momma's busy cooking up collared greens...

Alright, maybe not that last one.