Monday, April 23, 2007

Fantasy Soccer Bootroom - Week 3

Pretty tough week for my MFLS side. The assumptions I made last week were almost all wrong. Two of my players were carded, Houston didn't come to play in NY, and a last minute penalty cost my keeper four points. After all that, I only managed to drop five places in my divisional standings. That's why I'm not too upset about the Revs letting the game slip away late, although a number of sans Revolution teams did leapfrog Chowda United in the standings.

Just to analyze a bit more so we can all learn from my mistakes, I bet heavily that Houston would have a breakout performance in New York. All looked well when Clint Mathis was yellow carded in the 36th minute. Then again, one of my forwards (Brian Ching) wasn't playing and should have been. I guess he's worried about injuring himself on the fieldturf. That's something to remember in the future.

I also thought Amado Guevara would start racking up points like he did in 2004. Much to my chagrin, he plays a holding midfielder in the Jaimie Carrick distributor mold for Chivas USA. I've decided to dump him and his huge salary and spend it on two starters. Amado would have been good for a minimum one goal, one assist in a 4-0 game during seasons past. He had nothing on Saturday.

I also said the Dallas-Colorado match would be a high scoring affair. It was 2-1 and I got two assists out of the game. However, I picked up two Rapids midfielders and one of them was cautioned. It was a week with only five games, so I was was trapped and guessed wrong there.

Looking ahead to this week's matches, Kansas City plays Toronto twice. I'm not sure they can beat them both times, though. They will have a tough time beating them at home on Wednesday and then again on Saturday for Toronto's first ever home match. I think they have a good shot at shutting out the expansion side at least once, so I'm going to keep Harrington at defense. I'm also going to go with a KC midfielder because I believe they will get the better of the two games, hopefully blowing them out once.

FC Dallas also has two games. I'm sticking with Cooper up top because I feel they will have the revenge factor on Thursday night at home to NY. He should be good for at least one goal either in that game or on Sunday against the Revs.

Speaking of the Revs, they will be taking on a team in Dallas that will be playing it's third game of the week. The Revs are coming off ten days of rest. Therefore, I'm definitely keeping Twellman and Dorman. All goals go through one of those two and hopefully the team bounces back from a poor performance.

I'm also hoping Emilio keeps scoring for DC and Donovan gets his act together in the Honda Superclassico, or as I like to call it: "the biggest game known to mankind". I still think the official name sounds more ridiculous.