Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scouting Our Next Opponent

Wicked slow news day in Revoland. The only soccer news even remotely related to our players is Bob Bradley's promotion from interim to full time US coach. No big surprise, and I'm not in the ranting mood. There's plenty of that here.

If you want to scout our next opponent as they take on Toronto, and don't subscibe to Direct Kick or MLSnet's service, you might be able to pick up the CBC feed here. It worked for the game last week, so it may be worth a try. If it's dead, look on BigSoccer and maybe one will show up.

I'm really interested in seeing how much Brian Ching plays tonight. He was used sparingly in New York because of the fieldturf. Toronto's rug is in better shape than the one at Giant Stadium, but it'll be interesting to see Houston's starting XI.

Taylor Twellman was MLS player of the week
, but I'm not the biggest fanboy when it comes to that award.

Steve Ralston was on In The Net yesterday and so was Glen Davis. There's a link to the mp3 in the right sidebar. It was a good episode and I recommend checking it out.

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Cormac said...

Love the site. I am a big soccer fan, and a Red Sox fan, living in Dublin, Ireland and I would like to get into the Revolution more, looks like they are doing great this season.

Couldn't find your address anywhere here, drop me a line so we can swap links!

(address on profile)