Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Revs Put Up A Stinker So I Retreated To The Ocean

I woke up too late on Sunday for a proper review of that atrocity on Saturday night. I visited friends down the Jersey Shore from Sunday until this morning, and I'm glad to be back. Here's some quick thoughts on the happenings over the weekend:
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* The Revs seemed surprised by the way the ball was sticking to the pitch and were unable to cope.

* KC wanted the game more, plain and simple. There was an obvious lapse after the Revs went up 2-0, and the Wiz made them pay.

* Jay Heaps got owned by Eddie Johnson. James Riley looked lost at times. What the heck was Avery John doing on the bench?

* With Chicago in freefall, it's a three team race in the East. I think the Revs look the weakest leg of the pyramid right now.

* The Revs deserved to lose the last two games. Getting three points out of those matches was fortunate.

* Andy Dorman continues to become less and less a part of the New England attack.

* I'm hoping Stevie Nicol is putting the boot to the team this week. They better destroy Salt Lake.

* At least the reserves won 3-0 on Sunday morning. It also looks like Daniel Hernandez will be back shortly. With Jeff Larentowicz's substandard performance as of late, he may be a welcome addition to the lineup (I can't believe I just typed that).

Fantasy Soccer Bootroom will be back soon. My schedule's been hectic as of late and I've been neglecting it. Check back Monday for the next installment.

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The Manly Ferry said...

I have to say, you nailed 'darn near every talking point I had in mind. Great summation of the ugly, ugly realities of the past two games.