Monday, May 21, 2007

Revs Fill Out Roster, Sign Helton

The Revs signed Kyle Helton on Saturday, their sixth and final pick of the 2007. Helton is a speedy defender, and will be reunited with former Duke teammate Chris Loftus on the developmental roster. Given his draft position, he elected to finish out his degree at Duke before giving MLS a try. Helton will most likely play right back on the reserves and will join a large crop of promising youngsters being groomed to step in when some of the aging Revolution players begin to fade.

Although some may think this closes the door on the Revs landing a designated player during the summer, Helton's arrival has no effect on that possibility. A DP would have to go on the 18-man senior roster, which is already full. The team would have to waive a player, most likely Marshall Leonard or Daniel Hernandez, to make room.

Speaking of Hernandez, rumor has it his groin is finally healed and may see action as soon as this week. It would be nice to see him eased into the lineup in a similar fashion to how Pat Noonan has been used. We don't want Joseph or Larentowicz burning out.