Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fantasy Soccer Bootroom - Week 4

Well, well, well. That's pretty much how I did with my fantasy soccer side this week. Chowda United racked up 44 points and now sits fourth in the division.

One thing that set me apart from most in the division this week was my reluctance to jump on the Chivas USA bandwagon. Several teams in the division have been jocking them heavily. The problem with that is MLS is a single entity league designed for parity. You have to play the ebbs along with the flows. You just had to know LA would be up for that game. Not many players in MLS can take it to the next level like Landy Donovan. Granted, he takes games off with the best of them, but he always plays hard against Chivas.

I also got quite a few points from my Kansas City contingent who won both of their games against Toronto this week. Micheal Harrington bagged two assists and is an instrumental part of their attack. He also gained some shutout points because he counts as a defender. Couple that with his low salary, and he's a keeper.

Chicago's goal keep, Matt Pickens, continues to benefit from his defenders' very physical play. Some may contend the Revs have one or two very physical defenders, but everyone in the Chicago backline match their tactics. They are also much larger, so it's just that much more effective as long as they get away with it.

My big losers of the week were DC's Emilio who had -3 thanks to his Hand of God impression, and Kenny Cooper due to two 1-0 defeats for FC Dallas.

Looking ahead, three teams have the week off: Dallas, LA, and Toronto. Toronto's no big deal because I'm avoiding them like the plague. I have four top forwards on my team with suitable replacements for those who will be playing for the US this summer, so I'm covered there also. The issue I have is in the midfield. Landycakes will have to sit out this week and I really don't have a suitable replacement who will be able to gain points if his team loses.

Speaking of which, I'm not expecting another big week due to a lot of overlap in my lineup. New England and DC have two games, but they play each other tomorrow night. I'm also worried about New England's chances against a better rested Chicago team on Sunday. I sense another low scoring affair at Gillette and a bunch of yellow cards.

The MFLS site is crashing again as I type this. I'm all set, but make sure you get in there before Thursday and make the necessary adjustments.

On another note, I am doing well in RevMFLS Cup, a privately run cup based on MFLS results. I won't have a tough match for another week, so it's a good thing the MFLS site is having troubles this week. Though, it'll get really interesting when the knockout rounds start.

That's all for this week, see you next Monday.