Saturday, May 26, 2007

Patriot Place News

With the Foxboro town meeting over and the vote going overwhelmingly in favor of granting the new liquor liscenses, the Pats are beginning to pimp the Patriots Place project on their website and in the media.

For the Krafts, this is a legacy project that all but cements their presence in Foxboro. For Revs fans, this will enhance the gameday experience for fans. Hopefully, there will be an appropriate pub in the complex to house those who want to continue the postgame tailgate longer than the town police usually allow.

As discussed in this blog's stadium series, if this project succeeds, especially when it comes to gameday crowds, the only site for a Revs SSS will be in Foxboro. Some disagree with that assessment, notably RevsNet's Brian O'Connell who believes this means the team will never get a SSS under the ownership of Kraft. I think his points are a little shortsighted. It's not an either/or situation and they'll be looking to expand the number of the events there at some point. A second venue will be the way to do just that. It may not be next year, but somewhere in the 5-10 range after they know the economic benefits the project has.

Success of this project is a slam dunk. I known this because they have already nailed down a Christmas Tree Shop as a tenant. For those not in the know, they offer Walmart prices without all the fat shoppers proudly displaying their ankle fat. In fact, if you are into women in their fifties (who isn't?), you can pull some trim while you buy oven mitts at a 60% discount.