Saturday, May 19, 2007

Finishing Up On Local Announcers: DC United

After an emotional roller coaster of a day, I sat down to watch the Toronto-DC United match. This gave me an opportunity for some closure on my MLS local announcer critique I had done earlier. DC won the game 2-1, but they had to come back to do it. It also took reverting back to a 3-5-2 in the second half, something that one would figure was obvious given the success teams had with it against the expansion side vice lining up in a 4-4-2 and slugging it out. Anyway, here's my very unfairly biased critique of DC's announce team: (click title to read more)

First off, let me say I was emotionally drained going into this, so I had no tolerance for the typical trappings I despise about American soccer commentary. I had watched my favorite insignificant Football League side, Blackpool, win to go on to Wembley and possibly get promoted to the Championship. Why Blackpool? Well, that's the home of legendary wrestler and elasticface, Sir William Regal, that's why. I also played them extensively in Fifa '05. Their new digs look nice after moving out of "Generic Lower League 3". That's where the game told me they played, anyhow. Then, Manchester United lost to Chelsea in the FA Cup during extra time. Even though I favor United, I called that one perfectly in an e-mail read out on World Soccer Daily on Friday. What made it so painful was watching the game play out exactly as I had called it: boring play, few chances, Drogba with an extra time winner. Then, the good Lord made it up to me as the Red Sox demolished the Braves with Daisuke Matsusaka cruising to his sixth victory. Has any team worked pitchers like the current Sox lineup? Then again, one bad game in October and they're the 2001 Mariners. Needless to say, I was a little wiped heading into this one.

DC United

Announcers: Dave Johnson, Thomas Rongen

Dave Johnson is the "IT'S IN THE NET!!!" guy. To his credit, he made that call when Toronto scored. Rongen's a decent analysis, but his timing deteriorated as the game went on. So did Johnson's. When the game got heated, Rongen quizzed Johnson: "What does DC United stand for?". Johnson responded" "pride and, uh, passion?". Very weird moment which also caused some bile to rush up my esophagus. Their crew gets low grades for showing a montage of Moreno penalty kicks before he tied the all-time goals record. Granted, you would have to go back a few seasons to see him score a nice goal from the run of play in MLS, but he did have a nice one in the CCC. Show that one. All in all, they are a decent team by MLS standards. I just wasn't up for 90 minutes of standard MLS announcing this afternoon.

Calling the game: 7, Homerism: 8 (mostly for that stupid exchange)

Rank: 5

So the final tally looks like this:

1. Toronto FC
2. Chicago Fire
3. New England Revolution
4. Houston Dynamo
5. DC United
6. Kansas City
7. Red Bull New York
8. Chivas USA
9. FC Dallas
10. Real Salt Lake
11. Colorado Rapids
12. LA Galaxy
13. Columbus Crew

As the Revs game inches closer, I'm getting a little nervous. We're really going to find out if the team is for real, or just another middle of the pack team that just happened to go on a run to start the year. We'll find out in about two hours time.