Monday, May 07, 2007

Fantasy Soccer Bootroom - Week 5

It was a push for most teams in my fantasy soccer division. Besides the superb week by table toppers Narragansett FC and PSC United, most teams struggled to get over the 20 point mark. The same was true for the rest of MFLS, seeing how Chowda United is still in the top 50 after a modest 21 point tally. (click title to read more)

Of the two Revs in my lineup, only Andy Dorman's goal on Thursday was a boon. In fact, Dorman was sitting on the bench for the two second half goals yesterday. It's good he's not getting overworked, but that doesn't help my fantasy team. 20/20 hindsight dictates Jeff Larentowicz should have been in my lineup. However, staring at a hungry DC team and a rough Chicago team, I would have chosen to sit him 10 times out of 10. I defy anyone to show me any predictions of a goal and an assist going into yesterday's game. Common sense foretold twenty fouls and two cards on the week for Jeff.

DC's Emilio is actually becoming quite the liability. He chalked up another yellow card this week and only came off the bench in time for his team to allow a goal to Chivas USA. Matt Pickens had a rough time in Foxboro yesterday, but his team will give him better support in the future.

Dane Richards made my lineup for the first time this year and didn't disappoint. I also benefited from Houston's route of Colorado.

Looking ahead to this week, both DC United and Houston are off. That puts a few holes in my lineup. In my continuing attempt to gang up on Toronto, I'm thinking about starting Chad Barrett. I'm also thinking about transferring Davy Arnaud and reacquiring Justin Mapp now that he appears to be healthy again. That would be more of a contrarian move than anything else. KC is hot just like Chivas was before week 4. Single entity has a way in working those things out and Dallas could beat KC away this week seeing how they are well rested for a change. Both of those moves will depend on injury information. Barrett appeared to have cramped up yesterday, but it could be something worse.

Landon Donovan will be playing again, and I may sit Andy Dorman. That has more to do with the unpredictability of playing a team that had so much time off than a negative evaluation of Dorman's performance.

Red Bull New York has been getting the job done and will play yet another game against a team coming off of markedly less rest. I'm almost certain to keep the two RBNY starters I had this week. That won't prevent me from dropping Beckerman, though. He's sure to grab at least one assist at home to Salt Lake on Thursday or in New York on Sunday.

In the RevMFLS Cup front, I cruised to another victory this week. I have my first challenging opponent this week in Plantsville Saints. I'm almost certain to make the next round, so it's way too early to be gearing my lineup to counter my opponent's tendencies. I'll save that for the knockout rounds. If I did take that approach, I'd play more Revs and hope for a win. I'm far from desperate so I don't need to worry about such things yet.

That's all for this week. See you next Monday.