Thursday, October 18, 2007

SHALRIE PAID!!!! (Heaps too)

Well, well, well. I didn't see this happening at this point in the season, but the Revs have signed Shalrie Joseph to a contract extension along with fellow veteran, Jay Heaps. Terms and salary were not disclosed, as per MLS policy of being very insecure. These deals mean the nucleus will be intact going into next season. Management can now focus on bringing in a true No. 10 during the off season to add even more potency to the Revs attack or, in reality, hope for the best from the draft.

Joseph is the big one here. Earlier in the season, his agent tried to talk him into holding out. That practice is barely accepted in "American" sports, but is alien to soccer. I'm sure glad Shalrie's judgment got the best of him. His old contract had him signed through 2008 on a salary he found unacceptable. One can only assume his salary is in the neighborhood of $300K/yr, a value which he has proven to be worthy of.

Heaps's extension will go a long way in providing depth in the back line, especially if Amaechi Igwe isn't ready to step into the starting role next season. Jay may have lost a step or two, but he does bring grit to the pitch every time he plays. He's also as classy a person as they make them, providing a strong role model for the younger players.

The only key player left unsigned is Andy Dorman. One has to wonder where he will be playing next year. He's greatly underpaid, and the Revs may be hurting for cap space if Joseph's salary is as high as it appears to be. The Revs like to keep their options open which means having enough wiggle room to fit a DP under the cap. If paying Dorman how most valuate him would put the team too close to the cap, that may not be a possibility. I don't want to see Dorman go, but he has to do what's best for himself and his situation.