Thursday, October 18, 2007

Revs Vortex / Revsreport

Here's a couple of good examples of web 2.0 being utilized to promote our local side:

The new Revs Vortex, which is a widget that you can add anywhere on the web. A good place is on your personal page (myspace, facebook, etc.), your homepage, or your blog. I tried placing it on one of the sidebars here, but there's already a lot there and it was severely impacting load times. I'll put it on my facebook page when I get around to making one. Installation is a piece of cake, unless you are from Jersey, a moron, or both.

This particular widget is run from the Revolution site and offers news and highlights from a slick interface:

Now here's what I'm talking about! A Revs fan, who I don't think I know, has a vlog (video blog (web log)) which expresses his opinions on the team. He seems to have posted one for every game here. This is the latest installment:

Pay him some youtube love when you get a chance.