Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Four Revs Up For Awards

Four New England players are up for end of season awards in MLS: Matt Reis, Michael Parkhurst, Pat Noonan, and Adam Cristman.

Matt Reis is nominated for Goalkeeper of the year. Although Matt has come up big several times this year, his GAA is around half a goal higher than his competition. He's not going to win this award, but he's far from unsung among Revolution supporters. "We all dream of a team of Matt Reis(s)" and "Don't cha wish your goalie was just like Reis" have gotten regular play in the supporter song rotation this year.

Adam Cristman is up for rookie of the year. The late round pick had four goals and four assists this season. However, he didn't have the minutes to compete with Toronto's Maurice Edu or New York's Dane Richards. Keeping of the new songs tip, we'll probably have to change the last line of "You wish you had Adam Cristman" from "the rookie of the year" to something like "the mullet has no fear". That's contingent on him growing it back, of course. I'm thinking his wife made him cut it off at the wedding. Women are evil like that.

Michael Parkhurst is up for two awards: Fair Play and Defender of the Year. The 2007 Fair Play Award will be Cobi Jones' send off medal, so that isn't happening for Parky, even though he once again put up a remarkably low 27 fouls for a central defender. He may have a shot at DOY, but Claudio Suarez at Chivas has gotten a lot of pub and Eddie Robinson has anchored a lights out defense at Houston since June.

Pat Noonan rounds out the list of Revs award nominees as he is up for Comeback Player of the Year. That award usually goes to someone who came out of nowhere. Noonan was hurt for much of last season, but made an impact during the 2006 playoffs and signed a phat contract during the off season. Not exactly under the radar stuff.

All of this is a dog and pony fluff-off, especially in a thirteen team league. Real accolades come from lifting MLS Cup in November. The players will tell you as much.