Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Parkhurst Wins Fair Play Award

I guess the MLS Fair Play Award is based more on statistics and performance than sentimentality as Michael Parkhurst was the winner for the 2007 season.

In 25 league appearances, Parky committed an astonishingly low 5 fouls with no cautions or ejections. That's incredible considering he is the anchor of a three man back line. Granted, he was cautioned in the first playoff game, but everyone slips up now and then. (click title to read more)

The sentimental pick would have been Cobi Jones, who has been with the LA Galaxy since the league's inception. However, the dreadlocked old-timer committed 22 fouls and was cautioned once. The other finalist Eddie Pope, also retiring, committed 27 fouls.

Parkhurst is in his third season with the Revs. He may be one of the most unsung players in the league. This is undoubtedly due to the way he quietly negates opposing attacks by always being in position, organizes the defense, and always seems to keep his heartbeat at 40 beats per minute.

Ireland dropped the ball for not taking advantage of his Irish passport earlier in the Cranston, RI native's career. The Irish defense has been very disorganized as of late, and they would be getting an intelligent defender in the Gareth Southgate mold. Luckily for the US, he earned his first cap for the national team over the summer and Ireland in SOL. That's also good for Revs fans. If he had been showcased on the European stage earlier, he would be playing in the Premiership right now.