Sunday, June 24, 2007

All's Well with the World

Let's see.. a couple weeks ago.. we were panicking.

First it was the tie against RSL where we dominated.

Then it was the game against Columbus where we blew a 3-1 lead.

And things were about the same on the USMNT side. With a new coach, and perennial favorites Mexico looking to chop us down, were we going to lose our stranglehold on the ugliest trophy in the Beautiful game?

Well.. coming into this weekend, Maalox was being chugged by the gallon and Rolaids tablets were being eaten like Tic Tacs..

Then the Revs stepped up and dominated Toronto from whistle to whistle, and the Reds left Gilette for the 2nd straight time without a goal, losing 3-0 as Dorman (2) and Noonan laid a kickin in to our Northern neighbors..

And spurred on by the Greatest Gold Cup Goal EVER, the USA defeated Mexico 2-1 to lift the Gold Cup once more.

By the way, if you didn't see the Benny Feilhaber goal live.. watch it tonight (replay at 11 PM on FSC), or catch it on YouTube or something. it is definitely a must see goal. Complete and utter class.

edit: Thanks to the fine folks at BigSoccer, here's a YouTube link:

So.. crisis averted.. at least for now.

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Adrian said...

After the USA losing a match 3-1 that they dominated, and the Revs losing to Chivas 2-0 and looking like crap, I'd say it's back to crisis mode.