Monday, July 09, 2007

We're Still Kicking...

Yes, a bit of a slow time, and if you're wondering why there's been no posts from me lately, it's because I voluntarily took a week off after the Chivas away game because if I had written a column then, it would have been something like.

"@U$)@ those @&*$)@ played *$_@$*_@ awful, they couldn't hit the @($*%*&@)% side off a *$)@&$@& barn. No one gave a *@)%@*& and they all played like )@$*&_@$*"

Don't worry, a week later, things are back to normal. Every year around this time, the Revs seem to slump. Hopefully, they'll break out soon.

Nice to see Stevie Nicol earn the right to coach the All Stars against the team from Glasgow, Ireland (**), Celtic FC.

The Summer of US Soccer is coming to an end, the US followed up their defeat of Mexico in the Gold Cup final by sending a D team to Copa America, and scored twice.. while allowing 8 goals and finishing last in their group.

Could be worse, I guess.. we could have our goalie sent off in the third minute of a knockout game, like Paraguay did against El Tri.. 6-0 and the scoreline coulda been worse.

If you haven't watched the U20 World Cup, I strongly suggest you do.. The "Young Yanks" followed up a scrappy 1-1 draw with South Korea by thrashing Poland 6-1 (with some of the prettiest goals you'll ever see), and then beating prohibitive favorites Brazil on national TV (the game was shown on ESPN), 2-1. Nice to see the Wunderkid, Freddy Adu, live up to the hype, with some of the most beautiful play I've ever seen. They play their round of 16 game midweek, back on ESPNU, either against Uruguay or Costa Rica..

Now, for Saturday's game. Twellman started the game on the bench due to jet lag, but he made all the difference in the 2nd half. Stevie must have torn a few strips from the team at halftime, they played like they had a set in the 2nd half that they didn't in the first.

(**) Yes, I know it's Glasgow, Scotland.. but I couldn't resist.. if you ever want to see a Celtic fan pissed, sing em a couple bars of "Where in Ireland is Glasgow". Then I recommend you duck.


Arelcao Akleos said...

Still Kicking? Evidence for this?

ColbyPants said...

ya punk, I like your blog, as a revs fan, but that wasnt cool (as a Celtic fan)


Arelcao Akleos said...

At what point do you declare a blog officially DEAD? We've kicked it, we've held the mirror to its mouth for many hours, we've even tried the old "cut off Galileo's finger just to make sure he's really kicked the bucket". Heck, we've even kicked the bucket just to make sure it is kickable.
Folks, it seems that Blue Blooded Journo's sangfroid has reached lethal levels of froid.
Sayonara, BBJ, we hardly knew ye.