Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Exciting Changes Coming To Blue Blooded Journo

Well, exciting to me at least.

If you have noticed, there is a list of contributors where my profile used to be. The Blue Blooded Journo blog is currently in the process of adding contributors in order to better the coverage and commentary of the site. David "SirFozzie" Yellope has already written a pensive piece on the Gillette Stadium field surface situation. He'll be popping in every now and then to offer some of his unique viewpoints. The other new name on the list is Jimmy Chowda. That's actually me. I'll be using that name from now on unless I'm making some sort of site announcement.

A few other contributors will be added shortly. The goal is to make Blue Blooded Journo the place on the web for alternative New England Revolution coverage. We hope to provide more detailed game coverage in the future, articles on the supporter culture, and much more satire than there has been in the past.

I am still looking for more contributors. If you are a Revs fan, or maybe an ex-pat from the area, and you are interested in making regular or irregular contributions to a blog with a growing readership, send me an e-mail. Here's some of the things I would consider welcome additions:

* Statistical analysis (google docs works seemlessly with blogger)

* Previews and/or game reports (more actual coverage than the "impressions" I usually give)

* Rants (angry or comedic)

* Revs historical pieces (past game reports, where are they now, etc...)

* Mediawatch (headline links with comments)

* Supporter culture and issues

* Anything else that would add to the site: power ratings, predictions, player pieces, opposition scouting, etc...

Also, I plan on running a contest or two in the near future. The t-shirt shop will be reopening soon and I've been compiling some obscure Revs facts for a potential trivia contest. I'm also seriously thinking about running a banner design contest. This blog is monetized, and I've been looking for ways to use that money when I get paid for it. (Editor note: artificially generated clicks will result in those accounts being closed. Clicking a link that you are generally interested in will not). I feel one of the best ways to use the money generated at a fan blog is to spend it on something that will add to the atmosphere on gameday.

Again, if you are interested in participating in the fun, give me a holla. For the reader, stand by for bigger and better coverage.


The Manly Ferry said...

Fantastic news. I've been waiting for this since briefly considering doing something similar myself. (Sadly, I'm too inconstant for that to fly; I distract as easily as a two-year-old on a meth bender.)

Looking forward to reading the jottings/typings.

Blue Blooded Journo said...

I've seen children on Meth benders. You just need to know how to keep their attention. Nascar usually does the trick.