Friday, June 01, 2007

Landycakes Being Landycakes

According to this article, Landon Donovan is poised to turn down an invitation to grace the US national team's presence in Copa America later this month. Invitation? Since when did the captain of a team need an invitation? Any player with half a pair just needs his marching orders and he's off to play for his country. (click title to read more)

The reason he wants to stay (according to him) is that he's already going to the Gold Cup and his club team, the LA Galaxy need him. Hey Landon, you're team has needed you during the first six matches this season. They needed more than the five points you have delivered for them.

The real reason he doesn't want to go, besides the lack of testicular fortitude, is that he doesn't want his club team to be usurped from him by David Beckham. Here's a news flash for you: it's already Beck's team and he hasn't even stepped foot on an MLS pitch yet. Get over it.

The only thing that really pisses me off about all this is Landon Donovan is the captain of the US team. Supposedly, coach Bob Bradley will be bringing 10-12 players from the Gold Cup roster. This runs contrary to the belief he would be bringing a completely new B team to the event. In fact, some European based players are also willing to stick around, especially players like Jay DeMerit and Frank Simek, whose clubs were relegated and need to earn a place on the team. A team Landon Donovan has no business captaining. Even our boy Clint Dempsey wants to be on the Copa America team and his Fulham side will need him to stay up next year

If I were Bradley, I'd sit Donovan during the Gold Cup to teach him a lesson.


Eric PZ said...

How funny. I actually applaud his opinion. LA needs all the help they can get with or without the Spiced One. Taking Landon away from a 1/3 of the season won't help matters. MLS needs to figure out a way to not have so many matches during periods when top players will be with their national teams.

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Blue Blooded Journo said...

Anyone know what language that last comment is in? Babblefish didn't recognize it.

Joe Grav said...

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Scads said...

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Oh yeah...Donovan is a tool.