Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Scarves and Shirts

Before I list a few more worries I have about the upcoming season, I have to mention that the Midnight Riders are running a scarf design contest here: http://www.midnightriders.com/Scarf_Voting-2007.htm

I have two designs: the tenth one down (midnight riders with red/blue bar on the back) and the last one (The Fort). Scarves usually go for $15 to member and $20 to non-members. There's some really good designs this year so check back in a month or so to order. And don't forget to vote!

I would also like to announce that the creator of that evolution design is letting me use it in my two shops. I have buttons and stickers in the CP shop and shirts in the printfection shop(recommended over CP for shirts). I like the way they turned out. Here's how the buttons look: