Monday, January 08, 2007

Dempsey Decision Wednesday

According to the Guardian, we'll know whether or not Clint Dempsey will receive a british work permit on wednesday.

He didn't automatically qualify for one due to narrowly missing the requirement for foreign players participating in 75% of their national side's first team games over a two year period. Clint participated in about 65% of them. From what I've heard, this should be a slam dunk, but you never know with these kinds of things.

I would love to see what happens if he gets turned down. I would think he'd look for work elsewhere in Europe. However, I highly doubt he'd draw anywhere near the reported $4 million transfer fee MLS is getting from Fulham. It's also been reported that a good chuck of that fee will be performance based, so the league might not let the Revs spend some of that on players until the that money is realized.